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We love getting to know our amazing mama members! Stay tuned for more video interviews of our real mamas, living their real lives.


Combining stretching, physical therapy, and yoga? YES, PLEASE!

We are SO excited to kickoff the Fall with our Vendor of the Month, BetterStretch! We got to sit down and talk with Greg House, owner of North Austin's favorite stretch studio, to hear what he's doing and why it fuels him.

What IS BetterStretch?

BetterStretch is an innovative approach to improving flexibility and mobility. Our program is truly unique and original; I assure you that this is not the stretching you’re familiar with! I developed this program based on many years of physical therapy experience and included the most effective and safe manual therapy and stretching techniques. ​All sessions are provided by highly trained Stretch Coaches (both male and female) and are appropriate for anyone wanting to feel better, taller, younger, energized, faster, and less-restricted!

Why did you start BetterStretch?

I love being able to serve and help others. I wanted to extend my services to everyone, not just limited to people seeing me for injuries in the PT clinic. I realized that the concepts I discuss with patients on a daily basis are really relevant to all people and many of the treatments I provide are not only therapeutic (when treating injuries), but can also be great for injury prevention. It is important to identify and address common muscular imbalances before they turn into common musculoskeletal injuries. That’s what this program is all about.

What do you do outside of work?

As with many of the F4M moms, my favorite thing to do is to hang out with my kids. They’re so much fun!

What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by a drive to help people feel better and be more able to enjoy their lives. Every day I get to go to work with the goal of making a positive impact on someone’s life. This typically means that I’m helping them to actively engage in the things they want to or need to be able to do more easily or without pain. Sometimes I’m helping athletes perform better and other times helping a grandma be able to get off the ground independently. I created my PT clinic and BetterStretch to provide individualized, 1 on 1 care. I think this personalized, focused approach provides a much greater quality of care.

... Mamas, this sounds AMAZING! You can read in-depth about BetterStretch and book appointments right on their website or by calling 512-569-7309. But be sure to mention you heard about them through us to get your exclusive FIT4MOM Austin discount! And as usual, stay tuned on our Facebook page throughout the month for a few giveaways from Dr. House!


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