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Vendor of the Month: Southern Peach Clothing

Are you in search of the perfect sundress or jean jacket? Do you wish you could just walk out of the house and feel put together, yet still be able to run and bend and chase your littles? Do you struggle to find cute clothes because, let's be honest, shopping with little kids in tow is basically the worst?! Lauren Stover, owner of Southern Peach Clothing, has the answer to your fashion problems! We had the privilege of chatting with Lauren to hear all about why she started Southern Peach Clothing and how they can help you feel your best.

Lauren Stover with Southern Peach Clothing

Can you tell us a brief summary of your company? What is your "why"?

We offer comfortable, Southern style clothing and accessories for moms. I started Southern Peach to offer fellow moms clothing and accessories that fit our lifestyle. I am passionate about helping moms feel comfortable and pretty in their everyday activities.

Outside of the business, what are your passions?

I love to be outside and active. I have two young girls so we are always busy. I love outdoor sports, activities and picnics with my babies.

We know you're a mom (aka the hardest job), but what really motivates you?

I want to spend more time with my family so I started Southern Peach because I love it but also want to own my schedule. Right now I still have a day job but I'm hoping the hard work will pay off and SP can take over so I can do what I love at work and have a schedule that fits with the activities of my growing girls.

What advice would you give fellow mamas?

Support fellow moms in any way possible. We are all on a daily struggle to keep up with it all so give a compliment, open a door and don't be critical on yourself. If you are a mom, you are already amazing!


If you haven't been over to Southern Peach Clothing yet, you're probably missing some key pieces to your wardrobe. Because we just know that you'll love their stuff as much as we do, Lauren is offering an exclusive discount code for our members!

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