Vendor of the Month: Nature Nate's Honey Co.

If there's one thing that makes our lives EXPONENTIALLY easier, it's finding quality, real food that our kids will actually eat. An added bonus? When it's so good that we want to eat it, too! This month, we're teaming up with Nature Nate's Honey Co. to provide you with real food that's reeeaaaal good, for both you and your littles.


Can you tell our mamas a little about your company?

We offer 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey and honey sweetened products.

Our mission statement: To honor God by helping you & your family live heathy lives.

We're all about passion. What is your "why"?

Our “WHY” is to provide consumers with real foods they can trust. This means not only knowing where your honey comes from and what’s in it. But also, being able to look on the back of our products and know what each ingredient is – for example our peanut butter contains peanuts, honey, salt, and palm oil. That’s it!

Outside of the business, what are you passionate about?

Everyone at Nature Nate’s love to give back. We do this through volunteer work, mission trips, and donating whatever we can to help those in need.

What motivates you?

We are motivated to be good stewards in all that we do, whether it be by providing quality products, personalized customer care, or giving back to our community.

If you could give our members one piece of advice, what would it be?

As many of us are parents ourselves we try to practice what we preach, and that’s to choose real in all that we do. Not just choosing real foods, but embracing our real moments because no one is perfect. From messy kitchens to crazy hair days to last-minute everything, we embrace every precious, imperfect moment we spend with our families.

...YES! We love the fact that at Nature Nate's, they're REAL. Not only in their products, but in their mission and their values. This month they're offering our mamas 20% off all purchases made on their website using the code "FIT20" and free shipping on orders over $35! We also have four weekly prizes for ya AND a grand prize at the end of the month! Stay tuned for all this yummy goodness, mamas.