Vendor of the Month: MariGold Bars

As fellow mamas, we know that you are CONSTANTLY on the go. Like, if you could sprout 6 more arms, that still wouldn't be enough, because your kiddos would just find more things for you to carry/hold/throw away. When sitting down for a meal isn't feasible, we at least try to make the best of our options. MariGold bars are a quick, delicous, REAL FOOD option. Made locally right outside of Houston, MariGold bars are high in protein (20+ grams), low in sugar (4 grams or less), gluten free, grain free, and non-GMO. We had the opportunity to not only chat with the owner, Mari Ann Lisenbe, about their mission and what drives the company, but to collaborate for a few awesome giveaways this month! Read on and & stay tuned for more information this week on how to win samples!


What ARE MariGold Bars?

We make great tasting, low-sugar, hand-crafted protein bars using the kinds of ingredients you’d find in your kitchen.. if you had time to make them!

How did you decide to start making your own protein bars?

I had an online weight-loss program and was teaching local classes in health and nutrition. Many of the people I was counseling with needed to avoid sugar because of diabetes. And, as you’ve probably heard… we ALL need to avoid excess consumption of sugar if we want to maintain health.

Everyone kept asking me to recommend a protein bar, so I started looking around. There was absolutely NOTHING on the market that I would recommend. The bars out there were either low sugar (and filled with chemicals), or “all natural” but literally full of sugar! So, since I like to cook, I decided to try making some myself. When I let my friends try them, they were blown away, and all wanted to start ordering!! So, I quickly had to learn all the legal ins and out of how to run a food business!

We started selling online through our website and then Amazon. And, we were named one of the finalists in the H-E-B Quest for Texas best. We’re currently in 9 Houston area H-E-B’s and one San Antonio store. We’ll be rolled out to more of the top H-E-B stores (including Austin!) starting sometime in June.

What is the one thing that you love or are most passionate about?

I am passionate about having the cleanest, best tasting protein bars on the market. We are all busy, and having quick, healthy food.. that actually tastes good and is good for you and your family… is so important. I never compromise on what we put into our bars.

And, we love it when customers send in pics and stories of their kids eating our bars. So, when you try us out, be sure and share pics on Instagram!

What motivates you?

Being outside in nature. I absolutely love gardening, hiking, or just chilling outside. Being outside clears my head, and that is normally when I come up with new ideas.

What advice can you give our mamas?

Love, hugs and kisses combined with discipline is the recipe for happy kids who grow into loving, successful adults.


You can check our MariGold bars on social media at:

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