Vendor of the Month: Lemi Shine

School is officially out and summer is quickly upon us, mamas! While many people view summer as a time to kick back and relax, let's be honest: we have a lot to prepare for! Kiddos home ALL day, the start of summer camps and activities, family vacations, and more are all quickly approaching. If you’re like us, all the juggling makes it hard to keep life in order and our houses, well, clean! Lucky for us (and you!), our Vendor of the Month partner for June is nontoxic household cleaning brand Lemi Shine – based right here in our incredible hometown of Austin.

As a nontoxic brand that makes products that are powerful and safe for the home, Lemi Shine has a few tips for us on how to clean our homes heading into the busy summer months. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, let’s just follow their guide to the 5 most forgotten places to clean around the home! Once we check these spots off our list, we’ll be ready to enjoy all the fun and family time that summer has in store!

· Appliances: The insides of the dishwasher and the washing machine see a lot of dirt and germs – but people rarely clean the appliances themselves. Lemi Shine’s Appliance Cleaners for laundry and kitchen handle the problem with powerful citrus extracts.

· Knobs, handles and faucets: Clean them once, but they’ll be dirty as soon as they’re used again – probably about two minutes later. Lemi Shine’s Glass + Surface Cleaner with GunkGuard™ features a natural polymer that creates an invisible protective layer that actually prevents buildup for a long-lasting clean, plus citrus extracts that add polish and shine.

· Toothbrush holders: These can collect high levels of bacteria over time. Hot water and a few drops of Lemi Shine Concentrated Dish Soap are strong enough to tackle the area with no harsh chemical residue that can be transferred to brushes.

· Laundry hamper liner: All the funk that’s on laundry – especially that workout wear with wicking technology that makes clothing retain sweat – is on the oft-overlooked hamper too. Lemi Shine’s new Laundry Booster with FunkGuard™ not only removes the odor, but also prevents it between washings.

· Sponges: When used in tandem with the heat dry cycle, the top rack of the dishwasher is ideal for sanitizing dirty sponges. Lemi Shine’s safe, powerful dual-chamber Dishwashing Detergent pods have no toxic chemicals that could soak in and spread throughout your house every time you clean.

Lemi Shine’s products can be found at retailers here in Austin (like H-E-B) and nationwide using the store locator, or online at Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot and Kmart. For other cleaning tips and tricks, make sure to follow @LemiShine on social too via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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