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PSA: Salata Salads

Time out. Am I the last person to try Salata Salads? I feel like I might be. Either way, this is a PSA that NEEDS to be shouted from the rooftops.

If you haven't heard of Salata Salads, they are basically the mecca of salad bars. They call themselves the "next generation salad bar" and that's a pretty darn good description. Imagine creating a salad or wrap with every. possible. topping you can think of. And then imagine that it's all perfectly fresh and ripe and delicious. That's Salata. I recently had the privilege of attending a "sneak peek" pre-opening event at the brand-spanking new Salata at 1890 Ranch in Cedar Park. The following is my honest and candid review.


Let's start from the beginning. I roll up, super excited and confident to try this place. Look in the backseat (thinking "Wow! They're being SO quiet!") and both littles are passed out. So I sat outside for about 30 minutes, looking at the website and trying to keep drool from getting on my phone.

We finally go in and it's bright and clean. It's basically a Subway or Chipotle on steriods. {Please note: this is a statement I do not take lightly. We are ride or die Chipotle fans in this house and my husband might divorce me if he hears I was talking trash about our fav spot} You head through a Subway-esque line, telling the nice people behind the glass which greens, veggies, fruit, nuts, and proteins you'd like and if you want a salad or a wrap. Then they hit you with in-house, all natural dressings. {again, drooling}. Want some soup? Great. They make that in-house, too. Fresh baked cookie? Coming right up.

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I opted for a small salad, consisting of:

-Salata Salad Mix







-Parmesean Cheese

-Almond slices

-Ginger Lime Vinegarette

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Did I eat the whole salad without putting down my fork? Yes. Was that incredible difficult, considering I had a squirmy toddler and a shrieking 10 month old at my table? Yes. Was I committed because it was THAT good? Yup.

Y'all. If you're looking for a quick meal/take out/something to blow your taste buds away... head over to 1890 Ranch and pop in to Salata. Cedar Park not your jam? They've got a location in the Arbor Walk in Austin and the Outlet Mall in Round Rock.

Check out their site for all the deets