New Year, New Blog!

YOU DID IT! You survived the first week of 2017.

I'm proud of you.

Seriously, 2016 was hard... and tiring... and awesome... and beautiful... but stressful. Like the start of every new year, we're all making some changes. Whether you call them resolutions, intentions, goals, or casual agreements with yourself, you're part of a bigger movement to better yourself and the world around you. If you weren't, I doubt you'd be reading this blog.

Much like in my personal life, I'm making an effort to make this blog better. To make it more of what YOU want. Coming up in the new year we'll have:

  • guest contributors
  • interviews with local mom bosses
  • workout tips and advice
  • more member and instructor spotlights
  • more quick, healthy, family-friendly recipes

But what else? Head over to our FB page and comment! Your voice is the driving force for this blog. Your voice is the driving force for this community. We're SO happy that you're a part of our village. 2016 was tough, but oh, so good. Let's make 2017 the best year yet, together.

Thanks for stopping by; we hope you'll come back soon.


Jess & The FIT4MOM Austin Team