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Meet Juli Thatcher, our Pflugerville Playdate Captain!

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born and raised cheesehead. I went to UW-Madison for college, home of the Badgers (Zoology major). I have a younger brother (youth minister, has 2 kids) and a younger sister (special ed teacher, newlywed). My parents are still married and their relationship is something to look up to. :)

I moved to Denton, TX after college on a whim. I took a part-time job as a zookeeper for a company that does animal outreach programs, I had another part-time job as an emergency vet tech. Then I worked as a zookeeper at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, TX. From there I applied to the San Diego Zoo and, lo and behold, got a job as a Giant Panda keeper. I trained, researched, and cared for Giant Pandas for 5 years before I became pregnant with Simon. In my third trimester, my husband and I learned that his San Diego office was closing and moving to Austin. He's from TX and I've lived here before, so we knew it was a move that would be great for us. We moved to Austin when Simon was just 2 months old.

I heard about Fit4Mom when I was living in San Diego and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. It's been life-changing for me. I went through some big things after I had Simon. Fit4Mom not only gave us a network of friends in Austin, which we couldn't live without, but the people we met and the fitness and health knowledge that I've gained have helped me become healthy and comfortable in my skin again. I don't know where I'd be without my Stroller Strides village.

Simon is almost 3 now and keeps me on my toes. In my "spare time" I play fiddle (country and classical) and like to knit. I enjoy reading, but never find the time anymore, and when I do watch TV I watch quality things like Teen Mom. And I'm heartbroken that Downton is over. :)