Meet Devon Lafferty, our October Mom of Month!

Hello, friends, I’m Devon and I want thank you for this nomination! It was, no doubt, a heartwarming surprise.

A bit about myself…My husband, David, and I have been married for 7 years this December. We welcomed our miracle, Camille Frances, January 2016 with a little magic and a whole lot of love.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nv. Despite growing up in the gambling capital, I was 24yrs old before I ever sat down at a blackjack table and I have never played roulette or craps. Shocking, I know. Ha. The only time we ever went to a casino or the strip was when company was in town. We would go for a buffet or a show. Hmmm, I suppose that’s not 100% true. There may or may not have been an occasional buffet breakfast in lieu of school. Shhhh, don’t tell!

In my late 20’s, a company I worked for took me to Seattle, temporarily, to assist with hiring new associates. I fell in love! I was asked if I would be interested in staying. They didn’t have to ask twice. I was ready to be surrounded in green trees and water! I lived there for 14 years and built friendships for life. That also happens to be where I met David. We met in a work environment. I was working in specialty foods and he was a buyer. We were both smitten and knew that we were meant to be.

David soon took a promotion with a transfer to Austin. 6 months later he proposed and I joined him in Austin. I found it incredibly easy to transition here. This is where I found a love for rowing! At the time, we lived near Town Lake and I would walk the trail daily. One day I stopped to asked the rowing center if I could learn to row. I signed up that day. I expected it to be purely recreational. However, once I sat in a team boat, I was hooked and started rowing competitively. I have raced and medaled in local and out of state regattas.

Fast forward to how I met my FIT4MOM family…I had returned to rowing around 12 weeks postpartum. I was determined to race Nationals in the summer and Boston in the fall. I knew it would help me return to my pre-pregnancy fitness. I made my goal but not without sustaining seriously tight hamstrings. The problem being; I did not resume the cross-training and yoga, along with rowing 5x/week, as I did before baby. All I had time to do was attend practice and race home to sit in a chair and nurse. Bad Idea. This is where I wish I had learned about stroller strides earlier. 6 months later, a friend told me about the program after she saw the Dick Nichols group working out. We decided to give the class a try. Full disclosure, I thought to myself “this will be a good workout but probably not difficult since we’ll all have our babies”. HaHaHa. I was very wrong and sore the next day. I was so excited to find a cross training program that Camille could tag along!

Stroller Strides is an amazing program for moms who are unable to get time away from their wee ones. On top of that, I have never met such a large group of supportive, nurturing, entertaining and STRONG women. For that, I am truly thankful. This motherhood thing is real and it helps to know you’re not alone.