Meet Caitlan Neely, our Mom of the Month!

Caitlan is an avid Stroller Strides member and a wonderful part of our FIT4MOM community. Read on to see why her instructors nominated her and a little more about her motherhood journey!

About Caitlan:

"She has been very dedicated ever since she joined. Comes 3 days a week most weeks. She is such a positive person. Always smiling and has a kind word to say."

"She comes all the time rain or shine. She's encouraging and we would challenge each other during class. She made class even more fun!"

Caitlan's Story:

Hey ladies! I'm so thrilled to be mom of the month!! Stroller Strides is everything I could have ever needed as a mom wanting to stay in great shape! I grew up in a very small town outside of Ft. Worth, with one stoplight..... met the love of my life freshman year in college and never looked back! We got married & we thought life was pretty full....traveling & dates nights every weekend, but we had no idea that 6 years later our lives would now be filled with bottles, bedtimes & play dates. My daughter Conner was born almost exactly a year ago & I could have never imagined the love I would have for her!

After getting the swing of things with a baby I was ready to get my body back. I was very athletic growing up & love being in shape because hey, we live in Texas so it's bathing suit season half the year! & then I found stroller strides. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

Not only was I getting a great workout in, but we were making new friends & having a blast doing it! I could go on & on about all the things I love about this group.....having moms night out, weekly crafts for the kids, being at the park, sharing mom stories & advice are just a few of the things, but most of all I love being able to work out with my little girl smiling right next to me! Lucky to have all the Bee Cave/Lakeway mamas in our lives!!