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Meet April Jensen, our July Mom of the Month!

I'm so honored to be mom of the month for this awesome group of moms!

I am April Jensen and I was born right here in Austin, Texas (#native lol)! I moved back to this area after college where I met my husband Jared in 2011. I have worked many different jobs since graduating from college. My last job was managing a local Austin bakery which prompted me to start working out ALOT more. I was working out with a trainer and, then I found out I was pregnant with Colton. I quit my job and unfortunately quit working out as well because we moved out of south Austin and bought our first house here in Hutto!

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After giving birth to Colton I felt very isolated since we moved and, because I had a baby. I started looking into mom groups and meet ups which is how I found stroller strides! I was super nervous my first class I hadn't worked out in a while and was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up. However the moms was super positive and supportive so that kept me going. I joined after my first class. You can usually find me at Pflugerville park on M,W,F and Wells Branch on T,TH.

In the beginning I was looking for a way to get out of the house with Colton and moms to connect with. Little did I know stroller strides is so much more then that. Not only does it provide a work out for me and Colton but I've made amazing friends and, met so many inspiring women. I love the support I get in stroller strides if I am having any problem I feel like there is always someone to talk to and I don't feel alone or crazy. From teething to marriage or just motherhood in general there is always a mom there for you and that is amazing to me. I also love that this group is non-judgmental. In the world that we live in today I feel like there is so much pressure on moms to be perfect. I feel like our group embraces you no matter what and, that so special and important to me.

I'd like to thank my instructors (and my husband) for this honor. They are amazing at what they do! They encourage me to reach my goals and push me to be better then I was before. Stroller strides has made me stronger physically and mentally for all the challenges motherhood brings and for that I will be forever grateful!!!

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