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Healthy Party Favors For Kids - 8 Fun, Totally Not Boring Ideas

This post is guest written by Peggy Keefe-Lopez, owner of Yippitee, a new, Austin-based children's birthday shirt company.


Looking for healthy party favors that don't suck (like when you were a kid and the local dentist gave out toothbrushes at Halloween or that time your mom put fruit at the bottom of your Christmas stocking)? Look no further. It's definitely possible to throw a fun party and give your pint-sized guests a little surprise to take home that won't add to their after party sugar crash.

Should you so choose, it's definitely easier to ditch party favors altogether. (You'll join a growing movement with lots of enthusiastic parents on board.) But if, like me, your love language is gift giving and it just makes you so so happy to plan mini presents, go for it! There are plenty of ways to avoid sugar and dollar store plastic junk in your quest for adorable gifts that won't bust your budget.

8 Unique and Fun Healthy Party Favors

I've separated these ideas into two sections: half are toys and activities geared toward fostering play and the other half are of the disappearing variety that will go away as they are used.

My best tip, if you have a tight budget and want to give out goody bags, is to use your per-child dollar amount on one quality item instead of filling bags with a lot of cheap plastic toys and candy. Parents will definitely appreciate it and the kids' excitement will last longer than the car ride home. Win-win.


Felt animal masks from Etsy shop Sarmon

4 Party Favor Ideas To Inspire Their Imaginations

These party favors can be played with over and over again and each of these ideas can be made to fit your party theme.

• Dress up accessories that match the party theme (a pirate eye patch, unicorn headband, or felt animal masks for example). These would be great to hand out to guests as they arrive so they can get in the party spirit (and make your party photos extra adorable)!

• A craft kit that matches your theme or the birthday kiddo's current favorite obsession is a really fun idea. Seed packets with a small pot and bag of dirt, a wooden dinosaur and small set of paints, ingredients for DIY slime, etc. Your child might foster their own love of gift giving by helping plan, purchase, and package these gifts for their friends.


Monster finger puppets from Yippitee

• Finger puppets that match your party theme are another fun idea to hand out early for party play. I sell my favorite monster puppets on the Yippitee site and there are tons of handmade finger puppets on Etsy and low-cost options on Amazon and eBay. As soon as kids see puppets they can't help but put on a puppet show and make silly voices!

• Books are another great one. Collect books throughout the year or shop at discount bookstores and local consignment stores for low cost, high quality paperbacks. Pick a variety and let kids pick which one they want upon leaving. Your child can create or customize bookmarks to include in them for a special touch.

4 Useful Party Favors That Won't Clog The Toy Box

These favors will get used and disappear eventually, meaning less stuff in the toy box and underfoot.


Donut crayons from Art2theExtreme

• Custom crayons shaped like your theme (bugs, unicorns, monsters, dinos, etc.). Etsy shop Art2theextreme has some adorable options. Don't have a theme exactly? Choose number crayons in the birthday kiddo's new age.

• Take it a step further by letting kids make their own crayon favor at the party. Let them choose the colors of broken crayon pieces they want to use. Easy instructions can be found here.


Adorable dinosaur soaps by Cindys Bath Creations

• Custom shaped soap that matches your theme. These dinosaur soaps look awesome and the shop has tons of different options! Or just search "YOUR THEME soap favors" on Etsy for more.

• Face paint sticks are an awesome addition to make believe time. You can buy some small sets to give out whole like this one or save by buying a huge set and divvying them up among your party favor bags (just be sure to copy the brand name and instructions on a piece of paper for parents!).


Thanks for reading! For more fun birthday party ideas, follow Yippitee on Pinterest and check out my blog!