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Easy & Adorable DIY Valentines

Love is in the air, Mamas! Okay, maybe it's love, maybe it's all the adrenaline from JT performing at the half-time show... but either way, Valentine's Day is near!

If you're anything like me (a Pinterest-wannabe who ends up relying on Target and Amazon Prime 95% of the time), you want to send your little to their Valentine's Day party with an adorable and unique card... but struggle to find the time or energy. Great news! We've pulled our top 7 of the cutest (and easiest) DIY valentines from around the web for ya.


Lollypop Heart Flowers

Delicious and adorable tutorial on these lolly pop heart flowers. Requires an older kiddo or an adult to do most of the cutting, but you can find the simple instructions from One Little Project HERE.


Edible Scrabble (free printable)

Spelling, food, and a free printable: count us in! This adorable valentine from Positively Splendid can be done with the alphabet cheese crackers or the alphabet shortbread cookies, making it even more versatile! YUM!


Non-Candy Idea: Crayon Box Card (free printable)

Sugar-free (also, food free!) crayon box valentines from Spaceships and Laser Beams are SUPER easy! Plus, the printable is linked for free.

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Non-Candy Idea: Homemade Heart-Shaped Crayons

This one requires a little more prep work, but is SO fun for your kiddos! Find the full instructions for these heart-shaped crayons at The Nerds Wife blog.


Non-Candy Idea: Dinosaur Cards (free printable)

Print the card, sign your name, tie the dino on, sit back and smile. Easy, peasy tutorial and perfect for the dino-obsessed littles! On the blog, she spray paints the little dinosaurs red, but if you ask us, that's totally an extra and unnecessary step! Either way, super fun and super cute.


Non-Candy Idea: Kinetic Sand (free printable)

Loving this unique idea that will please kiddos of all ages. Free printable included with the tutorial from Smart Schoolhouse!


Non-Candy Idea: Lego Packs (free printable)

Inspired by the Lego movie, these little packs are sure to entertain your little builders! Buy the legos in bulk and use the free printables from Just a Girl and Her Blog for an instant hit!


Let us know if you use any of these fun ideas by tagging us in your photos! Good luck, fellow Pinterest-wannabe mamas!