DIY Halloween Costumes, Thanks to June & January

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes, there are really two types of people. Those who have this incredible vision and start super early, DIY-ing, sewing, and crafting to perfection... and then there's people like me. People who realize that Halloween is minutes away and that buying costumes that their kids will most likely only wear for a fraction of a second before realizing they're itchy and uncomfortable (or completely change their mind on the whole idea of what they want to be) seems like an epic waste. [Zero judgement here on store-bought costumes! Just saying that for my littles, that route wasn't going to work this year for many reasons!]

Due to lack of time and extreme indecisiveness on the part of my two year old, we fashioned multiple costumes for both kiddos this year with clothes we already had and a few clever accessories. This year we're doing Princess Peach and Mario, Emojis, and The Cookie Monster(s)! I'll update after Halloween ;) In the mean time, check out these incredibly easy and adorable costume ideas from our friends over at June and January! While all of these outfits feature June and January items, you could totally sub similar duds you already have hanging in your closet.