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DIY: Children's Thank You Cards

Birthday parties.

When I think birthday parties I think: loud. fun. happy. stressful. Yup, I said it: stressful. If you've hosted a birthday party for your kiddos, I'm sure you would agree! As parents, especially mamas, we tend to want everything to be *perfection*. This year, I found a couple of simple hacks to make party planning (and the aftermath) a little less painful. One of those hacks happens to INCLUDE your kids... and I promise, it's not stressful. You're turning something you HAVE to do into something they GET to do and that's solid win-win in my book!

Not only is this a fun craft for you to complete with the birthday boy or girl, you get to see the joy on their face as they deliver their creations to their friends! So stinkin' cute. Let's get to it.

Here's what you need:

  • Your list of who gifted what to your sweet kiddo
  • Blank paper
  • Coloring/art supplies
  • Optional: printer, if you're not comfortable free-handing/writing out the "thank you"
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  • thank you3.JPG
  • thank you 4.JPG

What to do:

  • If you're writing on the cards by hand, cut the paper in halves and fold into "cards". If you're printing on the cards, print first, THEN cut the cards.
  • I choose to write "thank you" on the front and let M do the rest. You can write specific messages on the inside, but I choose to let M hand them out to her friends and so we left them generic so that it didn't matter who got which card.
  • Let the kids have at it with the decorating!
  • If you're going to see the attendees, hand deliver! If not, you could also let your kiddo decorate envelopes, which would make for some really fun mail!!

This one is SO EASY, y'all! M had a blast and it was so cute watching her deliver them to her friends when she saw them. The kiddos who received them seemed to enjoy them, too!