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Crafting with Kiddos: Masking Tape Mummies!

When it comes to crafting, I consider myself pretty darn, well... crafty ;) However, when it comes to crafting with toddlers, we all know how messy and complicated a seemingly easy craft can become! Despite my better judgement, I still try all the complicated, 10 step crafts. To switch it up a bit, this weekend we went back to the basics. If you can tear a piece of tape, your kiddos can create these adorable masking tape mummies.

1. First up: Gather your supplies:

  • Construction paper (preferably black, but my spirited-toddler insisted on bright, neon colors!)
  • White masking tape
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors

2. Let your kiddo go wild with strips of tape! I ripped individual pieces and stuck them the edge of the table, but M was so speedy, I couldn't get a picture of that part.

DISCLAIMER: This is where you will need to practice some self-control. I have a tendency to want our crafts to turn out "pinterest-worthy" and try to insert myself into the craft to make them look perfect. It took everything in me to let M put the tape into perfect little rows instead of the "disheveled, messy mummy" I had envisioned!

3. Cut out a "person" aka mummy. If your kiddos are older, you could totally let them do this part. If M was older, I would've just drawn an outline on the back of the paper and let her cut it herself.

4. Glue on googly eyes.

5. Marvel at your wonderful work!... or make an entire family, like we did. Just ignore the fact that a family of mummies is sort of creepy.

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Finished Product.jpg

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