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Book "Advent Calendar": 12 Days of Books

So I started writing this blog post with grand plans of doing a holiday book Advent Calendar. Then #momlife attacked in it's usual fashion and the whole plan changed. Read about my haphazard journey below...

Listen, I've always enjoyed Christmas... but it wasn't until I had kids that I REALLY started to enjoy Christmas. Something about seeing little faces light up with the joy of the holidays is just TOO much! Seeing those sweet smiles and the glow in their eyes makes the holiday season *that* much more magical. Like any good, pinterest-obsessed mama, I was so excited that M is finally old enough to start participating in holiday traditions... except we don't really have any yet. (Cue the overwhelming gasp from the crowd)

So we're in the process of figuring out what types of traditions to start with our little family, and this year, M is super into reading. About 100 years ago (or so it feels like), before we even had kids, I had pinned a post about a "Book Advent Calendar". You collect 25 holiday-themed books. Wrap them up all cute and open one new book each night. We always read before bed, so we would be reading a new book each night for the whole month! This was perfect, especially considering we have been in quite the Paw Patrol rut lately (anyone else have to read the SAME books night after night even though you've got a shelf full? Tell me I'm not alone here.)

Given our book obsession, this seemed like the PERFECT year to start, except... buying 25 new books at once is a lot and I clearly didn't start early enough. Change of plans! Welcome to the "12 days of Christmas Books" blog post.

...Then I actually went shopping and realized that I should've gotten books at places like or other resale places because books are kind of expensive. I can actually hear you thinking "and that's why you should've started earlier...". I GET IT! So again, the plan changed. Annndd here we are. Here's the "12 days of BOOKS, including some that are about Christmas" blog post. Perfect.

So I've got 12 days of... books. Some holiday related. She'll still love it, right?! I almost like the idea of incorporating non-holiday books, because let's be honest, 25 holiday books every year seems a little ridiculous. Next year, I whole-heartedly plan on starting this way earlier and using my ninja-present-hiding skills to store them until December. Comment on Facebook and let me know what your family's favorite holiday traditions are! I'd love to add to ours!

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Some of our 2016 books. What holiday books would you add? Let us know on our FB page!